Food and drink

Some places near the venue and the student dorm where one can find something to eat and/or drink:

  • Manekin: pancake restaurant with a rich selection of pancakes (in high season, the waiting time might be a bit long)
  • Kebab Ararat: well… just a kebab place
  • Karmażeria: tiny place serving sandwiches, soups, and a small selection of pasta. Walking distance from the dorm and the venue, open daily from 7am, except for Sundays
  • Spółdzielnia Pub: very nice pub next door to Karmażeria, very good selection of artisanal beer
  • Pizzeria Rucola: small pizzeria in a walking distance from the dorm
  • Kanapowo: nice place serving very good warm sandwiches (unfortunately, they have just closed for repair)
  • Ygrek: student pub and club right by the student dorm
  • Stands by the SKM station: burgers and Belgian fries…
  • McDonald’s
  • Starbucks
  • KFC (you can also get decent coffee and hot dogs at the ORLEN gas station next door)