Student Session

Schedule of the student session is as follows:

16:45Onuralp UlusoyDistributed Team Formation for Robot Soccer
16:50Erman AcarAutomated decision making using knowledge representation
16:55Andrei RobuBacteria count on probabilistic fingers
17:00Thimjo KocaMAS in Aeronautics - Issues & Approaches
17:05Davide CalvaresiThe Challenge of Real-Time Multi-Agent Systems
17:10Paul TylkinThwarting Economic Attacks On Multi-Agent Systems
17:15Zoi TerzopoulouRicher models of strategic behavior in Judgment Aggregation
17:20Vahid YazdanpanahMulti-Agent Systems Research for Circular Economies
17:25Daniel FormoloConversational Agents for Training of Social Interactions
17:30John Bruntse LarsenAn Approach for Hospital Planning with Multi-Agent Organizations
17:35Gönül AyciFusion of Subjective Opinions through Behavior Estimation
17:40Anne-Marie GeorgePreference Inference
17:45Arianna NovaroBinary aggregation with individual goals
17:50Arthur QueffelecMulti-valued Alternating-time Temporal Logic
17:55Christopher LeturcA normal modal logic for trust